Top 6 Engaging Corporate Entertainment In Brisbane

Corporate Entertainment BrisbaneIt is a difficult task organizing a corporate event that is professional yet at the same time fun and entertaining. Corporate events should be engaging and enjoyable since it is the only time where business is mixed with pleasure. Finding corporate entertainment in Brisbane that will satisfy various tastes is not that simple.

In order to make your event successful you need to seek a corporate entertainer that is 100% dedicated to making your party more than what you thought it would be. The best corporate entertainers should be reasonably priced and be able to come up with intriguing, memorable, and creative ideas. Below are some ideas on corporate entertainment in Brisbane that you can apply for your corporate event.

Artists Hiring

Hiring an artist is one form of corporate entertainment available in Brisbane for a formal meeting or party. You can book a caricature artist to draw personalised sketches of each employee at the company which would make fun souvenirs as well. This type of entertainment can work well at a corporate event that requires guests to move around and socialize. A stage in front or middle of the room can be constructed to enable the artists to work without interference.


Stand-up comedy is enjoyed by people of all age groups. As an example you could hire a comedian to poke some fun at your CEO, maybe do an impersonation of him or even make light of your industry as a whole. But if you consider this form of entertainment for your corporate event make sure to preview the comedian’s act in order to be certain that it is ideal for your business setting.

This is a great way of giving your staff the opportunity to display their abilities and talents. Also through this type of corporate entertainment your company is capable of saving lots of money. For instance, instead of ordering food, you can include a competition on different food cuisines, which will be consumed by your staff.


Best thing with music is that it comes in a wide variety that can suit all kinds of events and classes of people. Music can always be changed to fit the corporate event you are hosting. Live bands and musicians can work well with formal events and luncheons. If you desire to have dancing at your corporate event, you will need to put into account hiring large party bands.

Circus performance

If your corporate event will be held outdoors, then you may want to consider a circus performance. This is a good choice for events that are large and causal such as your end of year party, Christmas party or any other family oriented event.


The type of dancers to hire will be influenced with the type of corporate event you are hosting. If your event is more of a formal one, you can consider hiring professional ballroom dancers but if it is more of a casual event, then you could go for a young breaking dancing troupe.




  1. Michelle says:

    Highly recommend a caricature artist at your next work function! Made our night relaxing and fun as everyone had a good laugh!

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