Tips For Hiring Australian Cover Bands

Australian Cover BandsAs much as we all love seeing our favourite acts live in concert, realistically we can’t hire them at our next birthday, christmas party or wedding. By hiring Australian cover bands you can still enjoy the music you love with a lively atmosphere that keeps your guests entertained. But what makes a good cover band? It might be slightly different from your favourite bands. You need to look for a rather versatile band to make your event successful.

Hiring Australian Cover Bands

1. Look for recommendations

The first step in hiring Australian cover bands is looking for referrals from event planners or from your venue of choice. They are likely to have experience dealing with all types of vendors and can help choose a suitable band for your function.

Alternatively, see what your friends or those around you have been using. Your friends will give you an honest opinion and at least you’ll know you can trust the band will achieve a similar outcome at your event.

2. Check online

You should also do some research online. Check for reviews and if possible, visit the individual websites of the prospective bands. If they do not have any audio or video samples on the website, this can be a red flag and its best to move on to the next one. Any good professional band should have a site with audio and video samples or a Facebook or MySpace page which are free as well and easy to set up.

3. Contact the band

Once you have a list of potential Australian Cover bands, contact a few of them. You can start by sending an email inquiry and observing how they respond. Do they respond immediately, the following day or after 1 week? What information do they provide? This can be a good indication of their level of professionalism and might give you an idea as to which bands are best for you.

Be sure to contact the manager, band leader, agent or the individual who handles their Australian entertainment booking over the phone and ask whether or not the band can be available for your function. Also ask them if they have previously performed at other functions similar to your own function.

4. See them in action beforehand

Finally, find out when the band are playing next and make sure to see them live before deciding to book. Many professional Australian cover bands have gigs throughout the year, though January to March may be slightly slower than other months of the year. But if the band has no function for the next 3 months or so, you probably want to think twice before deciding to hire them.

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