Brisbane Wedding Bands Choosing The Right One

wedding-entertainment-brisbaneYour wedding day should be the most memorable day of your life – the start as a newly married couple. Everything from the location of the nuptuals and reception to the food and music should be just right. When you’ve been scouting places you take care to make sure that you get the perfect place, the food, you sample different caterers and cakes to fit the right tastes. Why should choosing Brisbane wedding bands be any different?

When considering one of the many Brisbane wedding bands to play at your reception there are a few things to keep in mind. Maybe the most important one is their musical ability. They should be able to play a wide range of musical styles as well as be flexible with letting you pick the music you want played to your specifications. It may be helpful to check out their demos and maybe even find out where they will be playing in your area next so you may see them play live. A professional band will discuss the music and requests in advance to ensure that your reception goes smoothly.

When calling any of the Brisbane wedding bands, make sure to get a price quote as well as time it covers. Some bands have four hour blocks for a set price and then another price per hour above that. You will want to find out what their fee covers as well. Aside from their musician fees there should also be a fees for the speaker system, lighting, any travel expenses and if they provide background music in between sets so there’s no dead air. Another thing they should have is insurance against any damages caused by them. As a general rule of thumb you can expect to pay anywhere between $800 and $2000 for the band. Variables such as band size and travel distance come into play.

Some people feel it’s better and less time consuming if they use an entertainment company to take care of organising Brisbane wedding bands for their special day. If this is something you want to consider, be prepared to pay a large fee to the agency for their service as well as the charge of the band themselves. If you’re happy to pay the extra money to give you peace of mind for that reason hiring an agent may be the option for you. But if you are on a budget the team at recommends the following elite group of professional musicians and bands who have a wealth of experience and expertise in the wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. Check them out here…

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